Why you should never decide on technical solutions alone

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As an engineering leader, it can be tempting to come in with your own technical solutions already mapped out.

However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is deciding on architecture and designs without actively tapping into your team's expertise.
While you may have initial visions for how to approach technical problems, your experienced engineers likely have insights into nuances, pitfalls, and considerations you may have overlooked.

Their hands-on expertise can either validate your proposed direction or provide an even better path forward.

But for them to share that valuable perspective, you must encourage an environment where people feel empowered.
Encouraging the team to research solutions shows that you value their input rather than mandating answers.
It enables them to build confidence and develop as engineers.

However, it's also crucial not to let engineers implement solutions before properly evaluating options together.
Have them present approaches for peer review, cost/benefit analysis, and robust discussion.
Combining their specialized expertise leads to the strongest technical results.

The outcome is not only better solutions but also higher team engagement.
Your engineers feel trusted, heard, and sincerely invested in the end product when their expertise directly informs decisions.

They gain immense pride and ownership in the architecture they helped shape.

Rather than prescribing solutions, focus on building an inclusive culture that leverages your team's technical expertise.
Stay open-minded, listen actively, evaluate proposals carefully, and be humble. You may be amazed by the creative solutions your empowered team creates.

Their collective understanding is your most valuable asset.

All content copyright © 2024 Davide Vago.
All content copyright © 2024 Davide Vago